The role of nutrition in our health should not be underestimated. It is the fuel of our body to perform all functions. Without a healthy diet, there is no way to achieve the best of your wellness. Pursuing a healthy diet is very simple and yet can be confusing at the beginning. There are so many options at the grocery store, so many misleading labels even in the organic shelves, and so many trend diets. The key is understanding, instead of following generalized food plans or products promoting a miracle solution. Here we believe in real food, nature made, simple as it is. Lifestyle changes to improve your wellness should also focus on your particular needs. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by all available information in modern media and might wonder: shall I avoid gluten? How about grains? And meat: eat or not to eat? Sweet sugar or sweeteners? Low carb and low fat? Truth is: one size does not fit all. How you feel physically and emotionally, your cultural background, health status, time available among many other things, are all important factors to take in consideration when planning what is best for you. Long term effective changes come with knowledge of your specific needs combined to a lifestyle that supports your health and you enjoy. Yes, that’s it: you enjoy it. Nobody wants to be in a diet or lifestyle they don’t really enjoy for the rest of their lives … and unfortunately many people put a lot of energy and commitment to change in a short period of time and soon after return to the old same. These frustrating results can be avoided by having professional guidance to access your needs and enable you to learn through the process, so you can walk a healthy and joyful journey wherever you decide to go after your first step. You can improve your energy levels, focus and concentration, quality of life, reducing stress, anxiety, mood swings and depression, body weight balance, gut health, skin glow and hormone balance and achieve your goals towards a healthy lifestyle Long lasting change towards a healthy lifestyle is possible for all, including all ages and cultural backgrounds, we are here to guide and support you to reach your goals and enjoy the most of your wellness, for life.

Services Offered:

Nutritional Consultation - Specializing in Emotional Eating

Nutritional assessment takes about 60 to 90 minutes. You will discuss your habits and concerns about health and nutrition, and how you could improve your nutrition and lifestyle. Topics such as portion sizes, food groups, balanced and nutrient dense meals, general foods to favor and to avoid, food sensitivities and how to interpret food labels will be approached during your assessment. If you have either short or long term goals, the aim is to support long term progressive changes towards a healthy lifestyle for life.